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Tablet Repairs

We are doing service operations for tablets such as:


Audio problems - microphone replacements, headphones, buzzer/speakers, audio IC
Radio problems Bluetooth, WI-FI, GSM signal, baseband IC replacements
Button problems - capacitive or standard buttons replacements
Charging problems  Charging connectors, bands/flex or charging IC replacements
Battery problems  30 min battery replacement, charging module verification
Liquid contact - remove and clean the oxides with ultrasound and chemical treatment
Display problems ÔÇô IC-s, bands, connectors, touch
Booting problems ÔÇô When it doesnÔÇÖt open or partially opens
Camera problems ÔÇô Camera replacement, IC repairing, connectors, etc.


Software reprogramming when the tablet freezes, restarts, works slowly
Virus cleaning - when you have viruses on your device from internet or files transfer
Saving or file transfer - photos/videos and contacts
Operating system reinstalling or updates to a newer version
Recovering data accidentally deleted
Unlocking network code - when you want your phone to work on any network/carrier
Tablet code unlocking - when you forgot your unlocking password
Google Account or brand/manufacturer unlocking ÔÇô when you forgot your password

Prices vary according to model, brand, operation and the complexity of the operation.