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Display repair

Glass changing

Display with broken glass reconditioning!

We are reconditioning your ORIGINAL display even if you have the last model of iPhone, Samsung or Huawei.
By reconditioning you save money because doesnÔÇÖt need to replace the display completely

We have the newest technology of reconditioning of displays by freezing in our own local laboratory at ÔÇô 180┬░C !
We have our own local laboratoryspecialized in reconditioning flat and curved displays.

You benefit of 12 months WARRANTY!
We guarantee the functionality like the original.

At some Samsung and iPhone models from the latest generation, we can replace the broken or bad TOUCH screen

When do you need this service?

When you have display/screen broken glass

The touch needs to be functional
The display shouldnÔÇÖt have black spots from the impact
The display shouldnÔÇÖt have strips/ vertical or horizontal lines
The price differ depending of the model and brand

Display changing

We replace complete screens/displays and parts, with ORIGINALS from SAMSUNG/IPHONE/HUAWEI, etc. in the fastest way!
There are service packs, this means ORIGINAL service brands, all on our STOCK!

Beneficia╚Ťi pana la 12 luni GARAN╚ÜIE!

When do you need this service?

When you have your screen/display broken, black spots or vertical/horizontal lines.
In these conditions it cannot be fixed or reconditioned. It needs the complete changing of the parts/display module.
The price for displays differs depending on model, brand and color.