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We have last generation equipment and specialized crew which can help you in short time and efficient at approx. 98% of blocked/coded phones from the market.
We are doing the following direct operations, by cable:

Unlocking network code ÔÇô when you want your phone to work on any carrier
Phone code unlocking - when you forgot your unlocking password
Google Account or brand/manufacturer unlocking ÔÇô when you forgot your password
We unlock even the last generation iPhone, Samsung, Huawei etc. phones

Some operations takes ONLY 10-15 MIN and it is executed WITHOUT LOOSING THE WARRANTY offered by the seller. Some operations do not interfere with the device software.
They 'read' the codes and enterthem manually into the device.

When do you need these services?

  • When you want to use a phone bought with a subscription to a carrier/network and it is blocked on the other networks.
  • When you forget your phone password(numbers , pattern or model)
  • When you forget your Google account / brand account

Prices vary according to model, brand, operation, country / network where it comes from and complexity of intervention


Decoding/unblocking on network can be done by 2 methods:

  • Direct by cable ÔÇô at our service
  • Indirect, by obtaining the official unlocking codes

Indirect decoding can be donee ONLINE/AT DISTANCE only by the phone IMEI

The decoding procedure at distance is very simple.

You send us the IMEI series, we then apply our repair model. After a standby time the unlock codes are received, we send you the codes that you manually enter into the phone, and that's i

You can pay us in our account as we later provide you with the decoding codes.

We have over 7 SUPPLIERS that can help us get remote unlock codes.

We can also remotely unlock the latest iPhone, Samsung and Huawei models in Romania, England, USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc

When do you need this service?

  • aWhen you want to use a subscription phone purchased from a network and locked on other networks
  • When you want this to be done remotely without having to send the phone or come with it to our store

How is it done?

In those two videos, we have explained the steps for unlocking the iPhone range and separately the range of Android phones (Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, etc.)

The list of phone models that we can unlock remotely with the prices you find here

Waiting time and costs vary according to the type of code, network, and country where your device comes from.

Payment methods

After settling the amount and the waiting time, you will need to pay into the company account.

We accept bank transfers.
At the explanation, write: Software Services. After the payment is received, the unlocking procedure starts. When we get the codes, we'll contact you to complete the operation.

Payment Details:

SC GSM IA┼×I S.R.L. CUI 40727688 J37 / 265/2019 Transylvania Bank, IBAN 924RONCRT0493648901, Tudor Campus Agency